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Infrastructure investment

Record investment in infrastructure projects

The NSW Government has recently invested a record A$87.2 billion in infrastructure projects — the most of any Australian state or territory. This includes developing new rail, road and air links, as well as upgrading existing infrastructure such as hospitals, schools and stadiums to better service the state’s growing economy and population base.

You’ll notice the amount of construction going on in Sydney when you see the city skyline dotted with cranes. In fact, there are more cranes right here than anywhere else in Australia.

Significant infrastructure projects

A new A$8.4 billion inland rail network will soon move freight between Queensland and Southern Australia and better connect NSW and Sydney to the cities of Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

NSW is set to capitalise on the growing economy and population. The state government has committed A$87.2 billion to specific projects over the next 20 years.

We are actively looking for investment in many of these projects. There are a number of key projects under development as per our Infrastructure Pipeline.

Download the NSW Infrastructure Pipeline Booklet or take a look at the opportunities below.

Western Sydney Airport and Aerotropolis development and surrounding precincts

  • A$5.3 billion Australian government investment to build the Western Sydney Airport by 2026
  • Future aerotropolis and tourism gateway – trade, logistics, advanced manufacturing, health, education and science economy.
  • Agribusiness precinct
  • Aerospace and defence industry precinct
  • North-South rail link
  • East-West mass transit corridors
  • A$632 million Campbelltown Hospital redevelopment
  • A$550 million Nepean Hospital upgrade
  • New University of Wollongong Liverpool Campus
  • A$740 million Liverpool Health and Academic Precinct

Western Sydney City Development

  • A 20-year partnership between Australian, NSW and Local Governments to develop the Western Parkland City, creating 200,000 jobs. This includes a focus on investment in the future liveability of Western Sydney, including the $150 million Western Sydney Parkland City Liveability Program
  • A$20 billion of public funding will be invested to develop the Airport, Aerotropolis and surrounding precinct

Health investment

  • A$900 million Westmead Hospital redevelopment to support the development of an innovative health, education and research precinct
  • A$500 million University of Sydney Westmead expansion and A$450 million Western Sydney University Westmead redevelopment to develop Westmead integrated health, education and research precinct

Parramatta CBD

  • Health, education, administration, finance and business services economy
  • A$2 billion Parramatta Square development, bringing new building, construction, cultural centre and retail opportunities.
  • Parramatta North Urban Transformation Program
  • A$360 million Western Sydney Stadium Upgrade, a component of the NSW social infrastructure investment that will also include tourism, major events and the development of health and recreation

Road and rail transport infrastructure investment projects

  • Sydney Metro West and Northwest extension
  • NorthConnex motorway connection
  • A$64 million Parramatta Light Rail planning
  • A$12 billion Sydney Metro City, Southwest and Northwest project investments
  • A$2.1 billion CBD and South East Light Rail
  • A$103 million Western Harbour Tunnel and A$22 million Beaches Link
New South Wales

Visit NSW State Infrastructure Strategy 2018-2038 to learn more about these projects.

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