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New South Wales — a profitable location for your business hub in the Asia Pacific

There’s a myriad of reasons to invest in New South Wales — it's not only the country's most populated state, it's also Australia's best economic performer.

Located on the eastern seaboard of Australia, New South Wales sits below the state of Queensland and above the state of Victoria.

The capital city of New South Wales is Sydney, a bustling cosmopolitan metropolis. Sydney is Australia’s business capital, largest city and number one investment destination.

With over 600 multinational companies based in New South Wales, it’s no wonder that it accounts for almost half of Australia’s entire economic growth.

Read on to find out what makes New South Wales Australia's leading commercial state.

Advantages of doing business in Sydney and NSW

Quick facts about NSW

A dynamic, sophisticated economy

Growing more than three per cent on average each year since 1992, Australia is the 13th largest economy in the world and now in its 27th year of consecutive growth. The country’s demonstrated economic resilience and record of steady growth makes Australia a safe, low-risk environment in which to do business.

Over 600 multinational companies have a regional headquarters in New South Wales (NSW) while 175, out of the 500 largest private companies in Australia by asset value, are based in NSW. This accounts for 35% of the Australian total.

As the largest and most diverse state economy in Australia, it makes sense to establish or expand your business in Sydney and NSW if you are looking to make a move to the Asia Pacific region.

NSW’s economy is dynamic, multi-faceted and sophisticated – so much so that it regularly outperforms all other Australian states and territories and is larger than the individual economy of countries and territories like Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

In the 2016/2017 financial year, gross state product in NSW grew by 2.9% to more than A$500 billion - driven by record migration, low interest rates, a competitive Australian dollar and significant government spending on infrastructure.

Growing population. Growing opportunities

Sydney has the largest population of any city within Australia at just over five million as of June 2017. By 2050, it is predicted to be the size of London or New York at approximately 8 million people.

Overall NSW has a state population of 7.9 million people (2017/2018), making it home to nearly a third of Australians and an excellent option for businesses seeking a large pool of talent and an open-minded and receptive consumer base.

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An infrastructure pipeline to grow with the population

To accommodate the rapid growth of the state’s population, the NSW state government is making a record investment in infrastructure, the largest of all Australian states and territories.

Many of these will require foreign capital, which means there are many active and upcoming projects to invest in.

Find out more about the infrastructure pipeline in NSW.

Outstanding international connectivity

Sydney and NSW are highly connected to Asian and international markets through world-class digital and physical infrastructure, trading networks, a talented, cosmopolitan workforce and a timezone which makes communicating with the rest of the world simple.

That’s why more than 600 prominent multinational companies, including Google, Amazon, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, ING and the Agricultural Bank of China choose to base their operations in NSW.

Politically stable, economically sustainable and business-friendly

NSW is stable, transparent and business-friendly. When you choose to base your business operations here, you’ll be taking advantage of:

  • economic and political stability
  • strong regulatory frameworks against corruption
  • growing goods and services exports
  • a transparent legal system
  • business-friendly regulations and policies
  • world-leading intellectual property protections
  • a robust financial system

Find out more about doing business and investing in NSW.

An amazing place to live

Both Sydney and NSW offer all that’s best about Australia.

Economically and politically stable, safe and family friendly, Australia consistently ranks in the top five countries in the world for quality of life. The health and education systems are world leading, the lifestyle is healthy and life expectancy is among the highest in the world.

In 2018, Sydney was declared the 5th most Liveable City in the World according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Ranking for 2018.

An environment of exceptional talent

With over four million workers, NSW has Australia’s largest and most educated workforce. Uniquely characterised by its high skill level, currently 71% of all residents in NSW work in a white collar position.

Not only is the workforce educated, but it is also culturally diverse with residents in the state linked to communities across the world with 30% of people living in NSW speaking a second language and 275 languages spoken within the state.

Additionally, the student population of Sydney and NSW caters for a large pipeline of bright talent.

A booming technology hub and innovation centre

Sydney is well known as a hub for financial and professional services, but it’s a little known that fact that it’s a booming tech hub and at the cutting edge of research and development.

More than 64% of all Australia’s tech start-ups begin their lives in Sydney, including global software giants Atlassian, Canva and Campaign Monitor.

In fact, you’ll find that NSW is a thriving centre for so many industries, including creative businesses, high-value agribusiness and food, manufacturing, and health. We’re also strong in ag tech, clean energy, defence and aerospace, med tech and aged care.

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