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A clean energy future

NSW is a leading state for renewable energy.

Our state enjoys many competitive advantages over other areas in building a clean energy future. These advantages include a substantial amount of sunshine all year round, giving us the perfect environment for harnessing and developing innovative solar energy technology.

We’re also home to the University of New South Wales (UNSW) which has one of the world’s most advanced solar research institutions.

In Sydney and NSW, investment in renewable energy is thriving. In 2017, 31.2% of all clean energy investment nationally, totalling $2.15 billion, was spent here.

In December 2017, there were 10 renewable projects underway across NSW with a significant number of projects awaiting development approval or in the planning system.

Supporting clean energy businesses

The NSW Government is doing what it can to support clean energy businesses.

Our Renewable Energy Action Plan aims to develop the state’s renewable energy capacity and support the national target of 20% renewable energy by 2020.

Current investment opportunities in clean energy

Clean energy is set to be NSW’s fastest growing sector with an estimated growth rate of 35% a year. Renewables now attract $11 billion of investment and are responsible for 14,800 jobs.  Below you’ll find some of the current opportunities.

  • The number of solar farm project approvals doubled in 2017, and there’s now over $10 billion worth of wind and photovoltaic projects in the planning system. NSW leads Australia in large-scale solar generation with three of the largest operations in the country. With your investment, we’ll be looking to continue this trend.
  • There are also many small-scale consumer clean energy opportunities, with over 400,000 households hosting solar photovoltaic systems. Meter battery installations are expected to reach one million by 2020 according to Morgan Stanley.
  • NSW has around 350,000 households with rooftop solar representing an investment of over $3.5 billion. Rooftop solar is predicted to experience on-going growth and NSW has excellent wind resources with around $11 billion worth of projects currently in the planning system or with development approval.
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Now’s your chance to power a sustainable future in regional NSW.

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Find your opportunity to invest in clean renewable energy in Sydney and NSW contact the NSW Investment Concierge today.

Case study: Neoen lights up NSW by harnessing solar power

Franck Woitiez, Neoen

Clean energy producer Neoen became an early leader when it decided to build solar power plants in New South Wales in 2012.

Seven years later, the company has developed five solar farms in the state – including the largest ever built in Australia. Neoen is now looking to set up not only new solar but also wind projects in NSW to support Neoen’s global target of achieving at least 5 gigawatts in total capacity by 2021.

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Case study: Signal Energy enjoys early success in Sydney

Robbin Russell, Signal EnergyRobbin Russell, Signal Energy

Signal Energy, a leading contractor for large-scale renewable energy projects in the US, established an Australian subsidiary in December 2017 to take advantage of the country’s booming renewable energy market.

The company has successfully reached out to potential clients and won two large solar projects less than a year after setting up in Sydney.

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