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Take advantage of our wave of infrastructure building

The NSW Government is committed to building infrastructure that will serve our state for the next 20 years and beyond. We’ve invested in an $87.2 billion building program from 2017-2021. This program focuses on supporting sustainable economic and population growth through better transport links and access to social infrastructure such as schools, sports facilities, healthcare and tourism facilities.

NSW accounted for 40% of total infrastructure spending by all Australia’s states and territories in 2017-18.

Road and bridge construction alone amounted to A$8.6 billion in 2017, the largest amount nationally. As a result of our spending, and that of other governments in the country, total Australian infrastructure investment is 3.6% of GDP. This is well above the world’s other advanced economies.

People come from all over the globe to work in NSW’s infrastructure sector. Our lifestyle allows us to not only attract but keep the best talent. Furthermore, the state’s NSW's Global Infrastructure Hub facilitates sharing of expertise, best practice and innovation, as well as a range of leading research institutions that specialise in transport and logistics.

Key infrastructure sub-sectors in Sydney and NSW

Vital infrastructure sub-sectors in Sydney and New South include:

  • Transport. The NSW Government will invest $51.2 billion in transportation and roads over the next four years.
  • Tourism. Sydney is a global tourist destination with growing visitors driving demand for better infrastructure.
  • Clean Energy. NSW is continuing to transition to a reliable, affordable and clean energy future in line with its target of net-zero emissions by 2050.
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Supporting infrastructure investment

The NSW Government will help our state grow through modern, efficient and customer-centric infrastructure. We’ve established a Transport Digital Incubator to develop and connect real-time information and offer demand responsive services.

A board will govern the incubator to prototype new ideas until they are strong enough to be released into the broader agency. The incubator has already signed a deal with Data61 to build a congestion-busting algorithm. One day, this algorithm will be able to send commuters real-time advice about their best route to work.

The NSW Government has also formulated a Future Transport 2056 Strategy which focuses on making the state more mobile, and it has established a Transport and Logistics Knowledge Hub.

Meanwhile, our Infrastructure and Structured Finance Unit will be looking to develop much of our state’s infrastructure through Public Private Partnership procurement, including for all public infrastructure projects over $100 million.

Current investment opportunities

NSW is fertile ground for businesses in the areas of transport, tourism and energy. There are many opportunities available to businesses looking to capitalise on Sydney and NSW’s growing number of infrastructure projects. Globally, infrastructure spending will need to reach US$94 trillion between 2017 and 2040, to keep pace with economic changes and population growth.

  • Asia Pacific growth. Much of our infrastructure demand will come from the Asia Pacific. China, India and Japan are forecast to collectively need nearly 40% of the world’s total investment by 2030. Australia has either signed or is negotiating trade and investment agreements with each of these countries, meaning businesses here will be well-placed to capitalise.
  • Australia’s growth. Australia’s population is set to reach 34 million by 2040 and much of that growth will centre on Sydney and NSW. The NSW State Infrastructure Strategy 2018-2038 was developed to make sure we meet demand. The NSW Government has announced infrastructure spending of $87.2 billion from 2018 to 2022.
  • Sydney’s growth. Western Sydney’s transformation into a global aerotropolis, to be centred around NSW’s second international airport, means plentiful opportunity for businesses to partner with government in the development of new infrastructure and services. Be a part of NSW’s history. Western Sydney’s airport will be the first international airport constructed in Australia in 50 years.

We are actively looking for investment in many of these projects. There are a number of key projects under development as per our Infrastructure Pipeline.

Download the NSW Infrastructure Pipeline Booklet or take a look at the opportunities below.

Western Sydney Airport and Aerotropolis development and surrounding precincts

  • A$5.3 billion Australian government investment to build the Western Sydney Airport by 2026
  • Future aerotropolis and tourism gateway – trade, logistics, advanced manufacturing, health, education and science economy.
  • Agribusiness precinct
  • Aerospace and defence industry precinct
  • North-South rail link
  • East-West mass transit corridors
  • A$632 million Campbelltown Hospital redevelopment
  • A$550 million Nepean Hospital upgrade
  • New University of Wollongong Liverpool Campus
  • A$740 million Liverpool Health and Academic Precinct

Western Sydney City Development

  • A 20-year partnership between Australian, NSW and Local Governments to develop the Western Parkland City, creating 200,000 jobs. This includes a focus on investment in the future liveability of Western Sydney, including the $150 million Western Sydney Parkland City Liveability Program
  • A$20 billion of public funding will be invested to develop the Airport, Aerotropolis and surrounding precinct
  • A$900 million Westmead Hospital redevelopment to support the development of an innovative health, education and research precinct
  • A$500 million University of Sydney Westmead expansion and A$450 million Western Sydney University Westmead redevelopment to develop Westmead integrated health, education and research precinct

Parramatta CBD

  • Health, education, administration, finance and business services economy
  • A$2 billion Parramatta Square development, bringing new building, construction, cultural centre and retail opportunities.
  • Parramatta North Urban Transformation Program
  • A$360 million Western Sydney Stadium Upgrade, a component of the NSW social infrastructure investment that will also include tourism, major events and the development of health and recreation

Road and rail transport infrastructure investment projects

  • Sydney Metro West and Northwest extension
  • NorthConnex motorway connection
  • A$64 million Parramatta Light Rail planning
  • A$12 billion Sydney Metro City, Southwest and Northwest project investments
  • A$2.1 billion CBD and South East Light Rail
  • A$103 million Western Harbour Tunnel and A$22 million Beaches Link

Health investment projects

  • A$170 million Wagga Wagga Base Hospital Redevelopment (Stage 3)
  • A$300 million Randwick Campus Redevelopment
  • A$300 million Liverpool Health and Academic Precinct

If you are interested in finding out more about Infrastructure opportunities in Sydney and NSW, get in touch with the NSW Investment Concierge today.