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The aeronautical industry in NSW works smarter

Forward-thinking organisations from all over the world choose NSW as a base for their aeronautical operations. Our world-leading educational institutions ensure the best and brightest local workforce. NSW's reputation for industry collaboration also enables businesses here to work smarter.

Local researchers, industry and government, as well as international partners, come together often to achieve individual and shared space ambitions. The renowned University of New South Wales’ (UNSW’s) Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research (ACSER) provides national leadership and a hub for space engineering research and collaboration.

NSW — the only Australian state with capability in every space industry sector

The Future of Space Made in NSW There has never been a better time to establish your space business in NSW. In 2018 the Australian Government launched the Australian Space Agency with the goal of tripling the national space economy from A$4 billion to A$12 billion in 2030 and developing 12,000 additional highly skilled jobs.

As the country's leader in space innovation and entrepreneurship, NSW is home to 38% of all Australian space startups.

Our state has Australia's largest and most diversified economy and NSW organisations generate 50% of Australia's export revenue for the space industry.

With the largest portion of the Australian space industry based in NSW, the state is well placed, economically, politically and geographically, to maximise the benefits to business from this new space era.

Read more about our sector capabilities in The Future of Space Made in NSW.

Quick facts: Sydney and NSW’s aerospace sector

Here are some key features of the NSW aerospace sector:

  • The state enjoys the largest share of national and international air traffic in Australia. NSW is supported by Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport (KSA) and a network of airports and aerospace clusters. Aircraft capacity will increase when the new Western Sydney Airport is completed in 2026.
  • NSW’s robust aero ecosystem generates more than 50% of Australia’s space-related revenue with 41% of all Australian space businesses based here.
  • The state employs the highest percentage of the Australian space workforce.
  • In Australia’s emerging space sector, NSW businesses generate roughly $1.8 billion to $2.8 billion in industry value. There is a well-established network of satellite communications and space-related ground operations, including the CSIRO Parkes Observatory and the Optus Satellite Earth Station at Belrose.
  • NSW is well positioned to become a leader in Cube Satellite (CubeSat) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology through institutions such as the Sydney SpaceNet. These programs will receive more than four million dollars in government funding over five years.

Current investment opportunities in aerospace

There are many investment opportunities in aerospace in NSW, including:

  • Infrastructure. The $5.3 billion investment in developing a new Western Sydney Airport will require new airport infrastructure and other related services.
  • Advanced manufacturing. Low orbit satellites; design of instrumentation and sensors; design testing and manufacture of small satellites; optical communications; tracking space debris; robotics; integration of space sourced data into ground-based applications; big data analysis; onboard processing; and launch services.
  • Colonisation of other planets and the moon. NASA and other agencies, as well as the private sector, are considering colonisation projects now.
  • Training the next generation of aviation professionals. We continue to see a rise in air traffic in the Asia Pacific. A recent industry report estimates we'll need 41,030 new planes over the next 20 years to service growing air traffic in our region. We'll also need 253,000 more commercial pilots and 256,000 more commercial airline technicians.

The recently announced Australian Space Agency also enables Australian companies to participate in the growing space industry.

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