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A healthy mix of work and play

Give your business and your employees the boost they need. Not only are Sydney and New South Wales (NSW) great places to grow your organisation, the state also offers an enviable lifestyle for families and workers to thrive.

A healthy economy

NSW has Australia’s best-performing economy, with 3.1% growth economic growth and 2.5% employment growth since 2013. It also has the highest level of foreign direct investment in Australia.

A thriving health sector

NSW has Australia’s largest health system in Australia, with a medical technology sector that supports 3,000 businesses and generates $12.7 billion in revenue a year. The NSW Government is also committed to helping advanced medical research. For example, the NSW and Australian Governments recently announced a $41 million investment in a world-first proteomics project, ProCan, based at Westmead Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI).

A healthy business culture

Both NSW and Australia are known for their robust, transparent and stable political and business systems. Australia ranks fifth in the world in the Index of Economic Freedom and is also 13th of 180 countries in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2017.

Healthy food and processing

NSW’s agricultural produce and processing technologies are well regarded around the world for safety, quality and cleanliness. We’re also world leaders in biosecurity and hygienic supply chain practices.

Healthy lifestyles

It’s not all about work. NSW has the world’s best beaches and national parks, and is well-known for its recreational facilities, multi-cultural events, festivals, sporting infrastructure and cultural scene.

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