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A connected hub in the Asia Pacific

When you choose to base your business in Sydney and NSW, you’ll experience the connectivity of a global city.

Connected digitally

Six international fibre-optic cables and the National Broadband Network (NBN) connect Sydney and NSW with the US, Europe, Asia and beyond.

Connected health

The NSW Government has made digital health a priority so it can continue to deliver eHealth enabled leading healthcare services. Key research institutions back the initiative. One such institution is the Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre which aims to improve the health of Australians. The centre achieves this goal through collaborative research involving Australian and international industry and academic partners.

Connected infrastructure

NSW boasts world-class road, rail, port and airport networks. Our A$87.2 billion infrastructure pipeline ensures future state connectivity.

Connected places

Record public investment in infrastructure offers new investment opportunities in Western Sydney. Industries to benefit include aerospace and defence, as well as agri-business and AgTech. There are also infrastructure investment opportunities throughout Regional NSW.

Connected people

NSW is the most connected state in Australia with over 38% of Australia’s international airline flights. Domestically, Sydney is Australia’s busiest airport with 26.9 million passenger movements, followed by Melbourne (24.8 million) and Brisbane (17.1 million).

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