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A world of opportunities

The world recognises Sydney and New South Wales (NSW) as smart, healthy, connected and sustainable places to do business. The great creators, makers, thinkers and doers start here. In NSW, you’ll find your voice to share ideas. You’ll uncover world-class talent to help you build your concepts from the ground up. And, you’ll discover an eager market, keen to purchase and consume your finished products and services.

NSW welcomes you to take part in our business culture. It’s one which values transformative thinking and technology and moves businesses forward with its innovative spirit and outcomes-focused approach.

Bring your solutions to market, or leverage the innovative products and services that come with establishing a business in NSW. Our collaborative and future-focused business environment ensures your organisation’s success here and guarantees you a role in NSW’s economic strength.


ER Doctor

In NSW, we develop smart solutions by using the power of technology to disrupt the status quo. And, you can too.

If you base your business in Sydney or regional NSW, you will join some of the world’s most dynamic and intelligent businesses including Google, Amazon, the Agricultural Bank of China and Lockheed Martin.

Our thriving tech startup scene, highly educated workforce and world-leading educational institutions ensure that when you work in NSW, you’re working smarter.

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Discover why Sydney and NSW are the smart choices for any business.



We foster a healthy culture that’s built around a relaxed lifestyle, a dynamic economy and transparent business environment.

Give your business the boost it needs. With a perpetually growing economy, business-friendly environment and fantastic work/life balance, NSW offers vitality for you and your employees.

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Explore how Sydney and NSW offer a healthy environment where businesses flourish.



Move at the speed of modern business. In NSW, your business never stands still. You’ll be connected locally and internationally by physical and digital infrastructure, and find your place within established industry precincts. Your organisation will be part of a global city that allows you to do business across time zones.

In NSW, your business fits into a connected state economy that’s integrated with other domestic and international markets and is well-positioned to capitalise on growing demand from the Asia Pacific.

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Discover why Sydney and NSW can provide businesses with a connected hub in the Asia Pacific.


Renewable energy

Our political and economic stability, clean, green approach and forward-thinking ensures your business’ future in NSW.

We are striving to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and to make NSW more resilient to the impacts of climate change. We have also set ambitious waste and recycling targets, with the NSW Government providing funding to stimulate investment in new processing technologies.

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Find out how Sydney and NSW offer businesses a sustainable base to grow.