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Clean energy producer Neoen became an early leader when it decided to build solar power plants in New South Wales (NSW) in 2012. Seven years and $500 million in investments later, the company has successfully built five solar farms in the state—one of which is the largest ever constructed in Australia.

The French company has grown into a world-class provider of clean energy, less than 10 years since it was established.

It owns and operates solar and wind farms across 15 countries and has developed the world’s largest lithium–ion battery.

Before coming to Australia in 2012, Neoen had been looking to expand beyond Europe and considered several countries.

It decided that Australia offered the most potential because of the country’s attractive renewable energy environment, according to Franck Woitiez, Managing Director of Neoen Australia.

“Australia is home to an abundance of resources that we need—wind and sunlight,” says Woitiez. “It also has a large infrastructure network, which meant that we could seamlessly connect our projects to the grid.”

Woitiez’s team visited every major Australian city to identify where the company could best develop its business through a network of partners.

“We then started looking for a location for solar farms, and we thought NSW was the state where we had the most potential for success in greenfield solar projects,” says Woitiez. “So we decided to set up our office in Sydney.”

For more information download the Neoen case study.


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