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A new partnership between GE Additive and the University of Sydney will advance Australia's manufacturing capability

The Hon Niall Blair, NSW Minister for Trade and Industry welcomes a new partnership between GE Additive and the University of Sydney which will advance Australia's manufacturing capability.

In December 2018, The University of Sydney signed a 10-year memorandum of understanding with GE Additive to drive commercial and economic opportunities, and to promote education and research in manufacturing. The agreement will drive collaboration and establish Sydney as a global leader in digitally-led metal additive manufacturing

The 10-year Memorandum of Understanding supports the creation of the first metal additive manufacturing ‘total ecosystem’ in Australia – with the critical technology and people in place to drive commercial and economic opportunity, education, skills and job development, underpinned by a capacity for fundamental research.

Additive Manufacturing uses a digital design to create a three-dimensional object by depositing material as superfine layers in precise geometric shapes. The digital development revolutionises industrial production enabling the creation of lighter, stronger parts and systems with digital efficiency and flexibility. Shapes, sizes and structures can be created that would be impossible using conventional manufacturing.

Under the agreement over ten years GE Additive will invest up to US$1 million annually in research and development at the University of Sydney to accelerate the adoption of metal additive manufacturing in Australia and the region.


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