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Aerotropolis CBD artist impression only

By the time the Airport opens in eight years, the Aerotropolis will already be taking shape.

Through government investment, there will be integrated public transport running, corridors in place, and education and training institutions established. These major infrastructure developments can take years to complete, which is why the decisions are happening now.

To help shape the Aerotropolis, you are invited to be a foundation investor and partner in this 21st century city.

Early investors will help determine the shape of industry clusters, establish themselves at the heart of collaborations and develop strong alliances.

Development is already underway. Now is the time to discuss the opportunities available to you in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

The hard work has been done

The Western Sydney Aerotropolis has been a long time coming. Effective planning and infrastructure is in place to ensure that your investment here is a certain one.

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The Western Sydney Airport is under construction and will open in 2026 as a 24-hour international airport.

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Local land-use planning, including the alignment of metropolitan land use, transport and infrastructure priorities, provides certainty to the private sector on precincts, contributions and planning pathways.

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Existing transport networks, including the first stage of the North South Rail Link, will connect the Aerotropolis to Western Sydney Airport and more than one million residents of the Western Parkland City.

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Future corridors for rail, road and freight are being protected to allow further development and connectivity across the region.

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Freight and logistics networks have dedicated space in the Aerotropolis and will connect to the Airport, Greater Sydney and satellite cities across New South Wales.

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A dedicated authority, Western City and Aerotropolis Authority has been set up to facilitate the design and delivery of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis and support the growth of the Western Parkland City.

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Digital connectivity will support businesses and communities in the Aerotropolis.

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A skilled and supported workforce is ready, with plans for further education and training to meet the skill demands of a 21st century city.

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A Chief Coordinator will ensure a joined-up government approach to land use and infrastructure decision-making, eliminating red tape.