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The connected, unifying heart of Greater Sydney

The Greater Parramatta and the Olympic Peninsula is undergoing significant NSW Government infrastructure investment across transport, education, health, sport and culture.  Parramatta Light Rail, WestConnex and Sydney Metro West will transform the connectivity of the region, uniting the eastern and western reaches of Sydney.

GPOP is host to world-class universities and is characterised by a young, diverse and well-educated labour force with twenty-first century skills.

Those who have invested in GPOP have already discovered a dynamic, supportive and cost-effective business environment with potential for growth across a range of industries.

Parramatta Central Business District (CBD) plays a critical role at the heart of GPOP, with a mix of finance, professional services and public administration, and a lively night-time economy.  It offers a dynamic commercial core and civic centre, and provides an economic anchor that attracts human talent and innovation.

Westmead Health & Education Precinct has grown to become Australia’s largest health services centre.  The world-class expertise is particularly attractive for the research and commercialisation of health technology, particularly in biotech, pharmaceuticals, digital health, diagnostics and medical devices.

The Sydney 2000 Olympics created a hosting benchmark that embraced the spirit of the games. Since 2000, Sydney Olympic Park has evolved into GPOP’s eastern economic anchor, with a premium mix of business, lifestyle, purpose-built residential communities and elite sports and recreation.

Around GPOP’s centre is a diverse range of urban services and advanced-technology industries situated in the suburbs of Camellia, Rydalmere, Silverwater and Auburn.  This area generates significant industrial, commercial and freight traffic, with strong economic opportunities across manufacturing, wholesale trade and logistics.

The New South Wales Government is committed to realising the vision for GPOP to become one of the most dynamic, innovative and desirable parts of Sydney in which to both work and live. We are eager to work with local and global partners to achieve this goal.


Significant transport infrastructure investment in the GPOP region will provide businesses exceptional access to international gateways, markets and customers.

  • WestConnex - WestConnex is Australia’s largest road network infrastructure project and will link GPOP to major international gateways at Sydney Airport and Port Botany and reduce travel time.
  • Parramatta Light Rail - The Parramatta Light Rail will connect the locations in the GPOP area and provide a high-frequency schedule serving multiple destinations.
  • Sydney MetroWest - Sydney MetroWest is a new underground metro railway connecting Parramatta and the Sydney CBD, supporting housing supply and employment growth in GPOP.


GPOP has favourable labour force demographics due to its young, diverse and educated population.

  • Young - One in four residents in GPOP is aged between 25 and 34 and the area has a high working-age population, with over half aged between 20 and 49 years old.
  • Educated - Over 40% of residents in GPOP have a bachelor's or postgraduate degree.
  • Diverse - GPOP is culturally diverse with 63% of residents being born overseas and 70% of residents speaking a second language.


The abundance of amenities in the GPOP region will lead to the creation of smart, vibrant and inclusive communities.

  • Education - GPOP is also host to world-class universities and research institutes, allowing the private sector to collaborate with a full range of talent across fields such as medical research, sports science and engineering.
  • Health - GPOP’s Westmead is now Australia’s largest health services precinct, offering world-class, integrated tertiary clinical care, an innovative education and research network, hundreds of private health businesses and globally connected research and development institutes. This is supported by the NSW Government’s $1billion Westmead redevelopment project.
  • Recreation/Entertainment - The GPOP region is home to impressive class sporting and leisure facilities at Sydney Olympic Park, Bankwest Stadium in Parramatta and vast, open spaces of nature, landscaped parks and sports fields for workers, residents and visitors to enjoy year-round.

Download a copy of the Greater Parramatta and the Olympic Peninsula Investment Prospectus

Greater Parramatta and Olympic Peninsula Investment Prospectus