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Grow with the Sydney and NSW economy

The NSW economy is Australia’s largest and most diverse state economy, contributing almost a third of national economic output. With a robust economy, strong population growth and a government committed to developing the state’s infrastructure, Sydney and NSW are primed for further growth.

Invest in the infrastructure that will power our state

As the population and economy of Sydney and NSW surge ahead, the NSW Government has committed a record A$87.2 billion to infrastructure investment over the next four years. That’s 40% of Australia’s entire state and territory infrastructure spending in 2017-18.

Many major transport infrastructure projects are currently underway across Sydney and NSW, including many that have also attracted Australian Government funding.

Major infrastructure projects underway in Sydney and NSW

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A$5.3 billion investment in Sydney’s new international airport, the Western Sydney Airport

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More than A$5 billion + investment in new Sydney Metro upgrades

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A A$5 billion investment in upgrading Sydney’s roads through WestConnex, which will improve connections across the city

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Multiple upgrades to the Pacific Highway to improve flows and transport times between centres and ports across the state
A$8.4 billion on an inland rail network that will pass through NSW and move freight between Queensland and Southern Australia and the cities of Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Take advantage of our high-speed connections

Sydney and NSW are connected to all key global markets through world-class road, rail, port and airport infrastructure. We also offer some of the world’s best digital connections through high-quality ICT infrastructure and services.

The National Broadband Network, one of the world’s most ambitious digital networks, is currently being rolled out across the state. The NBN will upgrade existing phone and internet infrastructure, bringing high-speed connections to most people and businesses in Sydney and NSW. Already, 1.2 million homes and businesses in NSW use the NBN, with another 900,000 homes and businesses ready to connect.

Capitalise on our competitive business environment

Sydney and NSW’s dynamic but stable economic environment gives your business the perfect platform from which to scale. We combine this with the chance to enjoy a truly exceptional lifestyle. The advantages of basing your business here include:

  • A growing economy — Australia has experienced 27 straight years of economic growth, the longest running streak in the world, and NSW is Australia’s best-performing economy.
  • Excellent lifestyle — Australia consistently ranks in the top five countries globally for quality of life and NSW offers all that’s best about this country.
  • A stable environment — NSW has a AAA credit rating, as well as low levels of corruption, transparent rules and regulations based on the rule of law.
  • An affluent and educated workforce — The average annual wage in NSW is A$85,500, the highest in Australia.
  • A business-friendly approach — Australia is ranked 7th globally for ease of starting a business.

Sources: ABS, UBS, NSW Government, World Bank, US News and World Report

Sydney and NSW offer so many business opportunities

There’s never been a better time to take advantage of the opportunities available in Sydney and NSW. The NSW Government welcomes businesses who want to establish operations here, and we’re actively looking for investment in key areas. Our initiatives include industry engagement programs, as well as visa support for investors, entrepreneurs and skilled individuals.

Both the NSW and Australian Governments also offer support and advice to businesses and individuals looking to migrate here. If you’d like more information about doing just that, visit the Business migration section or contact the NSW Investment Concierge team.

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