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Running your business in Sydney and NSW

So, you’ve done your research — you know Sydney and New South Wales enjoy a thriving business culture, an economy in perpetual growth and a lifestyle that attracts world-leading talent.

It’s time to find out what’s involved in running your business here. We’ve put together a handy guide to the employment, reporting and tax obligations you’ll need to meet when setting up your business.

Hiring employees in Sydney and NSW

When you run a business in NSW, you have access to a highly skilled and diverse workforce. But you also have certain legal obligations towards the people who work in your business. Whether you engage employees or contractors, you’ll need to consider workplace health and safety (WHS) requirements, working conditions and minimum rates of pay.

New South Wales Read the business.gov.au checklist of things you need to do when taking on a new employee.

Your tax and reporting obligations

You’ll also have responsibilities when it comes to reporting your business activity and paying tax. You may have to report to both the state and Commonwealth governments.

To help you get started in running a business, we’ve included links below to websites you’ll need to access.

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What you need to know about running a business in Sydney and NSW

Employer obligations

Australian taxation system

Business regulation in Australia

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