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Right now, our region is a fantastic place to raise a family, establish and grow a business, get a meaningful job and engage in sport or community activities. Regional NSW is a place where you can access quality healthcare and education, and look forward to a bright tomorrow.

That's the way we want things to stay. The NSW Government’s 20-Year Economic Vision is designed to ensure sustainable growth of the region and a better future for everyone.

A vision for people and businesses in Regional NSW

The newly developed economic vision will transform regional living; prioritising the long-term interest of the bush, its businesses and people. Under the plan, key sectors such as agribusiness, tertiary education and healthcare will grow, and trade and tourism opportunities with Asia will be readily supported.

Through strategic investment, Regional NSW will rise to meet the challenges of a changing landscape. We'll address skills shortages, the ageing workforce and digital disruption; and capitalise on emerging industries that align with our local strengths.

Regional NSW is forecast to grow by 620,000 people by 2038. However, our visionary approach could boost this by more than 185,000 extra people, so our regional population grows by close to a million people. We want people currently living in urban areas to look to our regional towns and cities as a desirable work and lifestyle option.

Discover how Regional NSW will rise to new challenges

A future-proof state needs a robust and actionable plan for economic success. The 20-Year Economic Vision puts a practical plan in place to develop physical and digital infrastructure, build local skill, promote the region and support industry.

For NSW to continue as an economic powerhouse for Australia and an internationally competitive economy, we’ll focus on the following key areas in Regional NSW over the next two decades:

  • Develop strong trade agreements and relationships. We’re particularly focusing on trade with other Asia Pacific nations.
  • Support migration and foreign investment. With the right local support, migrants settling in regional NSW can play a role in helping to fill immediate workforce shortages and to create new jobs.
  • Ensure a healthy and thriving Sydney. The success of regional NSW is tied to the continued success of Sydney, Australia’s largest city and most important global gateway.
  • Empower collaboration. Government must work together, at all levels. Businesses and community members need to be empowered to work in with government too.

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20-year vision makes a case for investment

Regional NSW is already an attractive choice for investors. Now, backed by a 20-Year Economic Vision, the investment case is even stronger.

When you establish a business here, you enjoy a range of unique benefits including direct access to an investment concierge for expert and tailored guidance. The Investment Concierge Service advises you of opportunities, sites and relevant government assistance.

We also support companies that establish or move a business here by offering relocation assistance for qualified workers. Relocation grants of up to $10,000 per worker are available to help attract skilled employees to Regional NSW businesses operating in eligible industries.

Additionally, businesses that operate in eligible industries, and create or retain jobs in Special Activation Precincts, may qualify for grants and interest-free loans.

Our Special Activation Precincts, like Parkes in NSW Central West, offer a coordinated approach to land-use and infrastructure planning and the ideal place for you to start out and expand.

The NSW Government is investing in Regional NSW now so that in 20 years, our region will be the same great place to work and live, only stronger. Your opportunity to be part of our exciting future awaits.

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